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Life’s Marathon: When the support of family and friends may not always be enough.

If one embarks on running a marathon, usually steps are taken to avoid physical injuries to allow the individual to reach the required fitness and conditioning to reach their goal. This plan may involve a personal training plan devised by someone with expertise within that field.

Life with its up’s and downs in some way can resemble a marathon but how many of us seek assistance to facilitate a change so one does not just try to survive the course but instead manages to realise and maximise all their potential?

Being able to turn to family and friends and being able to share an issue can be really helpful. It can be a wonderful resource to have and there can be a huge comfort in knowing you have people who both care and love you.

However, not everyone is in that position, and also there are times when the family and friends are in some way tangled up and enmeshed in the issue. Divorce and separation can be one area that springs to mind amongst others. As a result they may lack the impartial and objective sounding board we sometimes need.

Despite having that support, there may be times when we need some guidance from an expert such as a psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist and life coach. I see this as being no different to seeking help for your tax situation from an accountant where your close circle can offer some help but not the level of expertise required.

There can be tremendous value in talking through your ideas, problems, and feelings with someone who has the experience, training and expertise to understand what you are going through, and help you create a plan to help turn things around. Being able to share in a space that’s non-judgemental is often an under-estimated resource to have.

My dear late Nana once said to me that “we never had all these bleedin therapists thingamajigs back in my day. All we needed was the support of friends and family.”

Whilst her language at times could be colourful, she often spoke with wisdom. She’s right and for many that may still be the case. If you have it, cherish and. Just be aware as to why sometimes it may not be enough.

Thank you for listening and please share if you feel it will benefit others.

Simon Garcia (Dip. Psych)

Offering psychotherapy and life coaching in Central London and Hertfordshire

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