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Mindfulness: A practical approach to enhance your wellbeing

In today’s modern world it’s easy to lose touch with how we are feeling. Jumping from place to place, phone often in hand, caught up in our thoughts as we live more and more in our heads without stopping to notice how those thoughts may be driving our emotions and actions in a negative direction.

Mindfulness can help reconnect us to the here and now, enjoy the world around us and understand ourselves at a deeper level. The purpose of this post is not to describe in detail what mindfulness is but to highlight that practicing may be more accessible than you think and easier to fit into your busy schedule.

Life can be busy. The school run, running a home, the commute to work and the demands of one’s job can all consume large amounts of your time. However, even as we go about our busy lives, there are small changes one can make to help pause the “auto pilot” we often travel around in on a daily basis.

Maybe during a lunch break, or during the work commute, a walk to or from your car as part of the school run, just try to keep your phone in your handbag or pocket and take a moment to notice the world around you.

What colour is the sky? Any trees that catch your eye? Whats in the shop windows as you walk past them? Notice how anything you touch feels. For example, are your car keys cold or heavy.

Basically anything that brings you out of your auto pilot mode to help you notice what’s going on either in or around you.

Mindfulness can help us take issues that swirl around inside our heads and place them in front of us. This can enable one to deal with various issues more productively rather being solely caught up in your thoughts. You may then be able to notice the early signs of anxiety and stress and prevent them from snowballing over time.

The first small step to a healthy change is sometimes the most significant.

Thank you for listening


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