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New Year Resolution: Declutter your mind for a happier you.

The Problem

There was a time when no matter how much I did or how hard I worked, my mind always felt busy and restless. If it wasn’t something new creating that anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach or making my head feel as if it was getting squeezed from the inside out, it was something from the past creeping back into the present to set off my internal alarm system.

With one negative thought seemingly bouncing from one to the other, I was unable to discover the space and clarity to identify and resolve the presenting issues. This meant they all became clustered together creating what appeared as one large unresolvable conundrum.

I know from my practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist that this is a common theme experienced by my clients that in some instances, is at the root of their difficulties.

The Negative Impact

By leaving our minds cluttered, we can end up viewing these congested negative thoughts as truths. For example you may be sitting with a feeling of anxiety about work, which in turn might create a thought that your boss views your performance as unsatisfactory. This perceived truth may spark an increase in the level of anxiety which then triggers even more negative thoughts.

The reality may be something completely different but with your headspace cluttered with negative noise, you just cannot get the clarity to view things as they may actually be, only how you perceive them. If left unchecked, your wellbeing could be negatively impacted by symptoms associated with anxiety and stress such as increased irritability and anger, stomach and headaches, difficulty concentrating and trouble sleeping. This can culminate in both your personal and work life suffering as a result of your impaired mental health.

How To Remedy This

Sometimes it’s hard to find the space and clarity to understand the thoughts buried in your head. I have worked with numerous clients in helping them declutter their minds and help unpick these negative thoughts. Sometimes it begins with me asking them what’s the loudest noise in their head.

If the answer is work, I ask them to write the word work on a small box and also another word they associate with work. The word they associate often provides an insight from which together we can reduce the noise within this area of their mind as they begin to create positive changes. Box number two may be relationships. Box three, money worries.

Each step we work through during sessions acts to declutter the mind and help create a positive change as the level of anxiety and stress and symptoms associated with each one is reduced.

This exercise helps you pluck the loudest noises/issues from your head and in the space I provide and the approaches and techniques I use, we can work to reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that you may be suffering from them. In doing so clients often feel less anxious, stressed, irritable and angry.

Sometimes this positive change is just a text, phone call or email away.

Simon Garcia

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